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New Tarot Deck by Dominic Murphy

The Putin Tarot with secret codes that reveal The Final Plan

a hidden hand on every card...


This has been a labour of love/hate and it is important to note that although the theme is very anti-Putin the cards are reversible and within them Nato and the West are in no way blameless for this disaster. The main subject that runs through the deck is "The Hidden Hand" or what are more commonly known as Shadow Governments. They don't hold elections and they are in power all the time to enhance the lives of a few and surpress the masses. They allow us to hold elections so that we have a false feeling of democracy and freedom - we don't! These Governments have manifestos and agendas that are not shared with the general public. Where Putin uses the old fashioned style of Hard Power doomed to fail his enemy uses Soft Power destined to succeed. They are working on these agendas in plain sight for a New World Order with One World Government, One World Bank, One World Currency, One World Army. This concentration of power condenses to fewer and fewer until finally one figure will emerge. Mabus.

After that...


"Mabus will soon die, then will come,

A horrible undoing of people and animals,

At once one will see vengeance,

One hundred powers, thirst, famine,when the comet will pass."


"After great trouble for humanity, a greater one approaches,

When the great centuries are renewed,

It rains blood, milk, famine, war and plague,

In the heavens, a fire is seen with a long spark tail."



78 cards large format

(Contains an offensive character

and offensive symbols mainly Putin's face)

The Putin Tarot last few decks before he's history

£69.99 Regular Price
£52.49Sale Price
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