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SECRET TAROT Cards of the Illuminati
from original paintings by Dominic Murphy
78 cards(numbered 0 - 21 + 0a - 53a + soul map card and Beelzebub card) unseen and unheard of for eternity - finally the secret tarot pack is revealed.

Sealed and Unboxed

be careful how they are used for they can change the course of human history and the lives of individuals.
Magical Cards passed down through Secret Societies such as the Masons , The Knights Templar

and the Priory of Sion....
and the disturbed mind of Dominic Murphy.
Card size 70mm x 120mm

any questions please send using the power of telepathy and I will try and answer in ancient riddles.
The cards are as follows....

-0a. Caput Mortuum

01a. Blacke Toade

02a. Purgatory

03a. Antimony

04a. Trismegistus

05a. Cancer

06a. Sulphur

07a. Hex

08a. Bismuth

09a. Consumpti

10a. Putrifactio

11a. Opus Magnum

12a. Nef Des Fous

13a. Baccio Della Morte

14a. Solutum

15a. Dependendum

16a. Kishi

17a. Lunamors

18a. Manu Gloria

19a. Perdere

20a. Saturn

21a. Sirena

22a. Equilibrio
23a. Guerra
24a. Tentazione
25a. Vinayaka
26a. Somnium
27a. Unitate
28a. Scandere
29a. Mendacem
30a. Morbus
31a. Radix
32a. Aequilibrium
33a. Relique
34a. Mysterium
35a. Azoth
36a. Trimurti
37a. Picadura
38a. Yeux
39a. Chao
40a. Treleoni
41a. Follia
42a. Hades
43a. Solunas
44a. Stulti Auro
45a. Mortrom
46a. Oppositoum Unione
47a. Flosvitae
48a. Gurges
49a. Pescestella
50a. Exoculo
51a. Sapodios
52a. La Bete
53a. Numen

Then o to 21 standard arcanas

+ soul map card and the card of Beelzebub


The Secret Tarot

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