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Voxsilentii Tarot


The Voxsilentii Tarot has arrived. Buy it now from the shop and watch out for more info coming soon. Including guide meanings to the Cards.

Guide meanings 


The Voxsilentii is the silent voice.  We all have one. It speaks truth if you can hear it. The personal Archetypes of Dominic Murphy come in three Tarot forms. The Lost Tarot, The Secret Tarot, and the Voxsilentii Tarot. There are guide meanings presented here but there are other ways to read the cards.

I Sub. What lies beneath. Autopsy of the soul. The Ego must be studied intensely. Self reflection is the key to progress in any direction. Sub calls for Inward contemplation and dramatic changes in diet and exercise. A whole new way of thinking and a return to metaphoric Eden. Outward actions come secondary to the inward motion of the Sub. 

II. Quae. Question the self. Motives and desires must be challenged. Did you come into this world like a comet from the stars or like a bud from a tree? Without your labels who are you? The image of a Goddess reflecting a Goddess. The card can not be reversed. 'Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.' – Emerson. Recognise your shadows.

III. Stercus. Dung, compost. The stench of corruption. The end of an era as all empires eventually decline and fall, but compost promotes growth and new life. Stercus proclaims  a new beginning. Do not judge by outward appearance.

IV. Contrarium. The opposite. What seems easy will be difficult, what seems straight forward will be complicated, what seems useful will be a waste of time. Likewise the reverse will be true. The demon and the bishop are not necessarily opposite. Is the bishop always righteous, is the demon always evil?
 V. Paratus. Be ready. This fool, though he steps over the cliff, is not doing so blindly. He is the modern Icarus and shades himself from the melting sun. Preparation. Planning. Even though he may not know where he lands he knows he will land safely.
VI. Videntium. The viewer. The spectator. He takes a step forwards like the fool but you must take a step back and assess the situation. He empowers himself with knowledge and learning. He is creative, artistic, musical and becomes a wise fool. He holds the hand of Paratus and they stride boldly forward together.

VII. Britannia. The Goddess of experimentation. She personifies ingenuity and invention. What lies before you requires not just thinking outside the box but smashing the box into amazing possibilities. She also is the protector of the poor and charity is called for here.

VIII. Gaudium. The Joy. Gratitude is imperative here for the joy of Gaudium.
Auspicious card of good tidings. Appreciation of the smallest things and a realization of the abundance that is everywhere in creation. Celebration a time of well being.
IX. Liber. Book. The written word, a letter, a message. A codex.
In a contract, the small print. With policies check the clauses.
The devil dances between the lines. Read between them. Information,
knowledge and discovery.
X. Misericordi. La Pieta. Never unfaithful. Strong  Maternal  
instincts are signposted towards a bond. A parent and child are signified particularly a mother and her son. This card points to relationships and the pressure they can bring.

XI. Navis. Ship. With old age comes wisdom do not let it sink without a trace.
The ship keeps her head above the water even when wrecked. Journey, travel,
and exploration are in the card. The ship will not sink in calm water, the master 
calms the water with his inner stillness.
XII. Parare. Readiness. Strip off the old self in readiness for the next chapter.
Physical exercise and motivation are necessary for the trials ahead. Even a gentle walk in the country would be beneficial before any decision. Reborn from the old corrupt husk.

XIII. Ventri. Stomach. Jonah was swallowed by a big fish, the fish saved his life.
He was vomited to safety. Good things in the past did not necessarily seem good at the time. No matter what troubles we have they bring us to the now. The perfect now.

XIV. Diabolimors . The Devil's death. An ominous looking card you might think but the opposite is true. Death represents a change and a Devil's death means a change without pain or tears. Put an end to disputes especially in family and business relationships. The perfect time for change.
XV. Medium. The conduit of the spirit. Everything you need to know is already answered within the self but sometimes we need an external force to bring it to the surface. Seek the wise man/woman  as you have asked the oracle. They will come to you but be ready to welcome them and heed their words.
 XVI. Stultitia. Foolishness. Particularly the foolishness of a crowd. Remember a majority vote does not change the truth. Ship of fools sometimes it is better to go against the grain. Avoid peer group pressure and do not be afraid to be the lone voice in the wilderness.
 XVII. Proelium. Battle. This is no ordinary battle it is the war between the heart and the mind. The aware self with the ego. Certain situations must be ruled by the mind and others by the heart the secret is to learn which is which without tearing yourself apart. Perfect is the time when heart and mind agree.
XVIII. Lux. Lucifer brother of Sub. The bringer of light. The morning star. Venus. Let the light in and shine it on the things you've kept in the dark. Alchemically Lucifer is known as Phosphorus  (phosp-Horus) the light that shines where the dark is darkest. No secrets can survive, no sins can remain hidden.
XVIIII. Tabula. Diagram. The story that need not be told. To remain present and keep your awareness in the now it is imperative to forget forever your story which does not exist. All problems, all worries, all regrets are all part of that forgettable story. Forget it and be now!

XX. Noctis. Night. Dark night of the soul. A problem that requires your full attention. It is external forces that are causing the problem and as long as you remain still as a glass pond all will be well. A demon holds a broken egg that releases a natural solution .Calmness and patience.

XXI. Paupertas. Poverty. Poverty comes in many forms and the worst is ignorance. Education is wealth. Examine your poverty and determine the cause. Identified it loses its hold. Money is a tool and not an end. Motives need to be studied and ambition must be earnest.
XXII. Circus. Performance. Remain in the eye of the storm when life is pulling you in many directions. Juggling many things it is hard to focus and although the chaos is our own making we need to be grounded. Identify who you are in this card it is a mirror as the tarot is a mirror.
XXIII.Tuba. Warning or beacon. Beacons such as lighthouses protect us from straying into dangerous waters. A situation or person needs to be examined carefully before proceeding. Use this opportunity to create a plan B. The opinions of others will help at this time.


XXIV. Vespas. Wasps. The maligned wasp whose work for the balance of nature is much overlooked and misunderstood. Something that looks threatening is actually of great benefit, Aggression can often be defensive and protective . The crop would be eaten by insects if it wasn't for the wasp.
XXV. Trinitatis. 3 the sacred number. The beginning, the middle, the end. The completion, the All. Heaven, Earth, and the waters. Father Son and Holy Spirit.
To complete, to wind up and to resolve. Harmonious and eternal. Auspicious card of wholeness.
XXVI. Tormentum. From outright torment down to a niggling worry. The thorns of life can cause discomfort. Once again we are called to stillness and to identify the pain as just the story we tell ourselves; Abstain from thought. Quiten the ego who is desperate to keep the narrative going.

XXVII. Diana. The Huntress. The powerful female aspect of the Voxsilentii. Goddess
of the moon, the hunt and childbirth. She tames wild animals. She calms the storm and 
brings peace to disputes. Where there is unrest welcome Diana's feminine power.

XXVIII. Arbitrium. Decision. A demon puppeteer performs the dance of life and death.
A decision can not wait any longer and must be made before the dance is over. Whoever
is pulling the strings must make the choice, are you the puppeteer or the puppet?

XXIX. Apocalypta. The uncovering, the reveal, the answer. Something hidden in the dark
is about to be brought into the light. A family secret, a political scandal, there is nothing 
now that can remain or survive in the shadows. Something weighing heavy on the heart
must be released.

XXX. Mabus. The third Anti-christ of Nostradamus. That which is in place of. The genuine
has been replaced by the imposter. Having all the same attributes but not being the one. The 
magician is also represented here in the form of Dr. John Dee who tapped into his full potential
so much so he could converse with angels.

XXXI. Sacerdotes. Sacrifice offered by the priests. Abstinence. Freeing the self from addictions
mild or strong. A time to give thanks and appreciate the small. A time to reduce intake. Through gratitude for what we have we yearn for less. As the priests give thanks before the sacrifice bread must be broken with a companion.

XXXII. Avem. Bird. Time to spread the wings and journey to pastures new. To get a better perspective 
from the heights. To nest. To nurture the young. A time of freedom. Travel. But this true freedom comes in correct thinking as the bird is released from the mind. A free thinker. Allow one's imagination to run wild.

XXXIII. Ridens. Laughing. The monkeys laugh in the face of death and torment him mercilessly.
A time of fun and foolishness. Practical joke making. Joy and celebration. Even death can be
made a fool of. We can fool death by living long and prospering. But the buddha laughs because he sees the emptiness in everything.

XXXIV. En Lignum. Look! The world turned upside down. Like the hanged man a complete surrender is called forth. Even if the world is turned upside down we must surrender to that situation.
By surrendering we make it right. The fool steps over the cliff and now he hangs in the balance. Time standstill and he must wait.


XXXV. Floramorta. The world neglects the earth, return to the earth. Eden is polluted. Detox. Recycle. Health and wellbeing are highlighted and must not be neglected. Nature is corrupted because we have lost our connection to the balance. Take off your shoes and reconnect.

XXXVI. Repudium. The joy of divorce. To divorce oneself from a difficult or painful situation can bring joy. The symbol here is of, not one, but two figures flogging a dead horse. Pointless exercise 
which one might want to separate from. Out of the pain comes joy.

XXXVII. Sphynx. Guardian of the sacred knowledge. Loyalty is symbolised here either within a relationship or towards a business enterprise. This sphynx is in chains and points to a new way of seeing things. Loyalty must be earnt and can not be forced. Release the chains and look at things from another's point of view.

XXXVIII. Nito. Test. Exam.Temptation. Trying time. Can you resist the temptations of the devil?
Are you taking the easy path? Are you giving in? Will power is not enough here there has to be a real desire to achieve a goal. You must see the glory in overcoming hardship and face it head on. by doing so success.

XXXIX. Vos. You. The self belief card. Which also means trusting the universe that all paths lead to good, eventually. Like the fool card in the major Arcana you must step out in faith and do it in the knowledge that all will be well. Yes. yes is the word you must say when striding forward into the unknown. "I accept the now."

XXXX. Gratissimum. Welcome. Learn to welcome what life brings you. Open your arms wide and greet the world with love. The card can also represent a gathering such as a wedding where all are welcome. It is a time of thanks. Gratitude is the holy key to self-fulfillment. Look around you at all the blessings you take for granted.

XXXXI. Dryadalis. An Elf. Imagination is called for. A cunning plan must be adopted. A situation requires you to think like an elf and act like one too. The art of surprise and the use of smoke and mirrors. Not to deceive but to enchant. An unexpected gift here and a wonderful act of charity there.
Enjoy this provocative dance.

XXXXII. Amplexum. Embracement. To hold another in your arms. To comfort the sick. To find love
or to rekindle a love you already have. Auspicious card when looking for a relationship. The family is highlighted here. Those close to you need to be gathered in. it also represents a physical relationship.
To conceive. Hold the precious close and release.

XXXXIII. Harpyia. The Harpy. A perfect storm. many factors are gathering and forming a perfect storm. Recognize the aspects and remain centred in its eye. Harpies are also the winds of change that can be quite dramatic so prepare yourself. Arm yourself with the gift of foresight given by the Voxsilentii, the silent voice.

XXXXIV. Anxietas. Worry and the stress that worry brings. We worry about things that don't exist except in the story we tell ourselves. Check your now! is it really that bad? You will find that it is not.
If this now is not that bad then why not the next and the next and the next. Focus on the small and the great will be perfect.

XXXXV. Alchimia. Alchemy. The transmutation of matter, the mother of Chemistry. particularly focused on taking base materials and turning them to gold. This symbology can be mirrored in life
by using your talents to create something amazing. Or bringing together the right people for a project or business. The elements in themselves may be ordinary but what they produce is outstanding.

XXXXVI. Lilith. The strong female aspect. The feminine in her most powerful guise. Counsel may be called for from a matriarch. Who is she in your life or is she you? Tenderness and nurturing are the gentle powers but can be as mighty as the male force. Lilith has also been seen as a demon so keep an eye out that she is not trying to usurp you and your plans.

XXXXVII. Belator. War. Conflict card. From relationships to nations there is always a time of confrontation. This may be a time to do nothing so as to avoid the situation. If something is done it will bring about a battle and if you wish to take up arms then lay another card and see the outcome.
The way of Tao is the preferred way.

XXXXVIII. Felix. Happy. Well done if this card has fallen for you for who would not want to be happy. A good relationship, a perfect situation, a joyous time. happiness can be caused by many things but to find it in the smallest most mundane things is the best. Smile all is well with Felix. A good time to act and a good time to ask.

XXXXIX. Cepa. The onion. The image of many layers which must be all gently peeled away to get to the heart. Do not judge a person just for one aspect of their personality. The card is asking us to do away with stereotyping and sweeping generlaizations and to carefully analyse the variety of characteristics we behold.

L. Apocalypta. The unveiling. Occult is the hidden secret and Apocalypta is the great reveal. All will come out in the wash and all that is hidden will be found. A destination will be reached and a goal achieved. Not without effort and not without sacrifice but those are the rewards that feel the best. In business success.

LI. Plaga. Plague. At first sight looks ominous but not necessarily. This is more to do with spreading than with sickness. Spread the word, share an idea, invent a life changing device. Fame and popularity beckon if the card falls kindly. Media and publicity are symbolised. Advertise your talents do not keep them hidden it is time to shine.

LII. Sanguine. To be optimistic particularly in a difficult situation. Even in a dark time there will be a chink of light that must be focussed on this is also true in people. The more that light is focussed on the brighter it will become. Be the glass half full person. There is good reason to be optimistic here
because all will be well.

LIII. Interitus. Brainstorm. A radical creative solution may be required. A time to bring others together to work on a project. New ideas need to be created and unusual ways of looking at things. This is a time or situation where the imagination must run riot. A creative card that calls us to rethink our plans or to make surprising decisions.

LIV. Mortalignus. The dead tree. Everything must be pulled up by the roots and nothing must be left that may grow again. Everything has its cycle and all things must come to an end. The dead wood must be cut away for the new saplings to spring forth. The mighty tree has had his day but he is the father who spawned a forest.

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