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The Secret tarot by Dominic Murphy. 78 cards(numbered 0 - 21 + 0a - 53a + soul map card and Beelzebub card) The first 22 cards are the Major Arcanas found in all Tarot Decks with a twist. The Following 54 cards are completely new and never before seen Arcanas. The Meanings of these images will be revealed gradually on this page....

The Secret Tarot
0a. Caput Mortuum

0a.Caput Mortuum.A sudden change followed swiftly by another sudden change. A double death. A Double Ouroboros. Ruled by the moon.

Sign Cancer.He who is in harmony with the Tarot
is like a newborn child.
whose bones are soft, and muscles are weak,
but whose grip is powerful.

1a. Blacke Toade

1a Blacke Toade. Those who know don't talk. Those who talk don't know. Discernment is called for. Veritas and veritas reversed. Deceit.The path ahead is untrustworthy. Remain still.

Ruled by Neptune. Sign Virgo. A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.

IIa. Purgatory

Purgatory it is ominous to be in a place of suffering or indecision but , most importantly, Purgatory is temporary. The Seeker observes the world
but trusts his/her inner vision. Allows things to come and go. Keep your heart as open as the sky. Capricorn.


IIIa. Antimony

Antimony the hidden element beware a wolf in sheep's clothing. By your mistrust you make them untrustworthy keep your silence it is often misinterpreted but never misquoted.Antimony can make a printer's press but also bullets for a gun.Scorpio. Earth.

IVa. Trismagistus

Trismagistus vanquished the dragon of ignorance and mental, moral and physical decay. Diet and exercise for a healthy mind and spirit are called for. Protect the heart.

Hermes and thoth are represented. The Tarot doesn't take sides;
it gives birth to both good and evil. Mercury. taurus. (male influence)

Va. Cancer 

Water nourishes all things without effort. It seeks the lowest places that others reject. This card focuses on family, the home, and loved ones. Protective and sentimental. Artistic and poetic. Seek to serve. Planet Moon.  

VIa. Sulphur 

Sulphur the harmony of the Air and Fire elements.It is malleable, penetrating, hot, and diffusive. The Sulphur principle is reflected as our soul, which is our own unique expression of the life force.

Express yourself completely,
then keep quiet. Mars. Sagittarius.

VIIa. Hex 

Hex Mindlessness must be replaced by mindfulness but only by emptying the mind. Try to make people happy,
and you lay the groundwork for misery. A spell must be fulfilled be careful it does not return to you.Balance is called for.Enforcing morality causes vice. Pisces. Pluto.

VIIIa.  Bismuth 

The Tarot can't be perceived.
Smaller than a molecule,
it contains infinite galaxies.The mind is everything. What you think you become. All experiences are preceded by mind, having mind as their master, created by mind. Ouroboros appears again. Venus. Aries.

IXa. Consumpti

Consumpti The Tarot recommends no possessions.
The more you do for others,
the happier you will be.
The more you give to others,
the wealthier you will be. The era of consuming is at an end. The Time of benevolence has begun. The Sun. Aquarius.

Xa. Putrefactio

Putefactio The fifth stage of death.Returning to the earth. All things dissolve ultimately.

Once returned to the earth there are infinite possibilities of a new creation.Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself. Saturn.Virgo.

XIa Opus Magnum.

Opus Magnum Great Work. A time of great achievement and endeavour. Be at one with the Tarot, then when you seek, you find;and when you make a mistake, you are forgiven. Take on new challenges. Success. Venus. Leo. 

XIIa. Nef Des Fous 

Ship of Fools.Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill. An uncharted course leads nowhere. A leader is called for  with a purpose.

In a time when most of our needs are provided, there is no cause for heroes,artists, great thinkers and innovators.
As they recede into the shadows, Idleness, Apathy, and Lassitude come to the forefront. Gemini. Uranus.

XIIIa. Bacio Della Morte. 

Kiss of Death Water follows Water, spilling over any cliff, flowing past all obstacles, no matter the depth or distance, to the Sea. Leading and not trying to control: this is the supreme virtue. Dangerous Omen Beware. Stand with your two feet on the ground,
you will always keep your balance. Mars. Scorpio.

XIVa. Solutum

Solutum Unbound. Released from bonds.Free of attachments.Supreme success.
No mistakes if you keep to your course.Practice not-doing,and everything will fall into place.Auspicious time. Earth.Libra.

 XVa. Dependendum 

Dependendum Balance.In awe of Heaven's majestic power, the Superior Person looks within and sets his life in order. This perfect balance is fragile and the slightest touch can unsettle it.The Master stays behind;
that is why she is ahead.
She is detached from all things;
that is why she is one with them. Venus. Gemini.


XVIa. Kishi

Kishi:;  A two faced demon from Angolan legend. Two paths,two choices, two faces, represented. Beware of a deceit from the split personality of this demon.The Master lets the universe decide and always remembers that there are three sides to every story- my story, your story, and the truth.Gemini Mars.


XVIIa. Lunamors

Lunamors; Literally the death of the Moon. Dawn and the sun eats the moon to bring the day.Patience is signified as day becomes night and the seasons change forcing an issue brings misfortune. The master understands that as night and day rely on each other it is the contrast that gives life it's spice. Cancer 



XVIIIa.Manu Gloria

Manu Gloria; The Hand of Gory.

Auspicious card of success. Goals are about to be achieved and a crown is in the grasp.A good time to be benevolent and wary of one's ego.The master understands that success is no different from failure they are sisters.Also the card of childbirth. Pisces Neptune. Ruby.


XVIIIIa. Perdere

Perdere; To Lose.Almost but not quite the opposite card to Manu Gloria. On the face of it loss sounds negative but not always.The Master loses her inhibitions,the dieter loses weight etc. and still she knows that failure is the sister of success. Graphite Mercury Pearl Virgo.


XXa. Saturn

Saturn: A harvesting joins with the Saturn symbol meaning of recycling old to new. Underlying mythological themes reveal the god Saturn dethroned his father, Uranus. This dethroning symbolises the changing of an old regime to a new one.This card warns of quietening the ego and to keep fully aware of your situation.Diamond Saturn   Leo.


XXIa. Sirena

Sirena;The Sirens of Greek mythology their beauty and enchanting laments lured sailors to their death. Be attached to nothing let everything go and if it has value and worth it will return to you.The master is not attracted by gold and silver but by virtue and wisdom these are the true riches. Water Music Uranus Aries. 


XXIIa. Equilibrio

Equilibrio; balance and stability. To find this balance we look within and purify ourselves. The master knows that the Earth's corruption and pollution is but an outward manifestation of man's inner erosion. Without Equilibrio there is no progress of any worth. Nutrition and health need to be monitored. Libra Heart Fire


XXIIIa. Guerra

Guerra; War.The conflict card.

There is a time for peace and a time for war be prepared for a battle on whatever scale personal confusion, relationships or even national.No matter what scale the war the master always arms himself with truth, faith and hope. Mars Fire Emerald Gemini.

XXIVa. Tentazione

Tentazione; Temptation.The Trial.Be prepared to test or be tested. A good time to isolate oneself and accept the help of a friend or relative. Several Beasts are represented in this card. Lions, wolves, bears, leopards and bulls which all have historical symbolism and meaning.


XXVa. Vinayaka.

Vinayaka; All obstacles will be removed for those on the right path.However those who have gone astray will find obstacles blocking their progress. Crescent Moon.Blue stone.Earth.East.


Somnium XXVIa. Sleep the living death and rebirth. To withdraw
from action. Stop! A call for balance and equilibrium. Time to interpret
dreams.The subconscious is sending important information take note.
Rest, recooperation. Dreams. Titan. Azure.

Unitate XXVIIa. Unity. Health and disease are represented here.
Marriage the male driving and outward force with the female
gentle and receptive nature. A balanced diet creates a balanced mind 
and body. Unification in love or business. Rhea. Capricorn.

Scandere XXVIIIa. Climbing or rising. To really find answers
there is a need to endure the pain of truth. To progress we have to
look deep inside the soul. This can be uncomfortable, even disturbing
but reward awaits. Dione. Aquarius. Yellow or Gold. Sandstone.

Mendacem XXIXa. The two-faced liar hides a third face. Beware
of this demon minstrel and do not be taken in by the sweet melody
he plays. Deception. Crime. Lies. Better if this card is reversed.
Alert attentiveness is required. Janus. Aries.Pyrite fool's gold.

 Morbus XXXa. Healing. The Healer and a gathering is represented.
Family friends and colleagues. A coming together usually as a feast or
celebration. A day that will be remembered. Auspicious date and time.
Epimetheus. Taurus. Diamond.

Radix XXXIa.Root. Foundations. If the house has been built on sand
it will collapse in time. As long as the devil remains bound the tree will
not fall. A situation is represented the root cause needs to be examined
to determine the outcome.Prometheus. Gemini.

Aequilibrium XXXIIa. Equilibrium a recurring theme of the Secret Tarot.
 The balance of Yin and Yang. The egg on the rhino on the turtle on the skull.
Weakness is unable to bare strength but the strong can hold anything. However
with balance all can rely on each other. Pandora.Leo. The Egg is birth.The
Rhino is power, The Turtle is wisdom and age, The skull is change.

Relique XXXIIIa. History. Ancestors. You can not lose that which belongs
to you even if you throw it away. We are the products of our past which
can determine our future if we let it. Family traits and habits are represented
learn from your mistakes. The past has the answer. Titania. Emerald. Scorpio.

Mysterium XXXIVa. Mystery. The dragon mask. Dragons bring rainfall and are 
symbolic of life, growth, existence, and prosperity. They also represent something
that is hidden. A secret, a lie, a mystery. Strong occult signals from this card.
A time to consult a medium or spiritual leader. Painite. Saturn. Taurus.

Azoth XXXVa.The alchemical name of Mercury and mercurial behaviour is
represented.This card is twinned with Morbus. Changeable and volatile.
Slippery and evasive. Impossible to pin down and dangerous. Care and
patience required. Planet Mercury. Sagittarius.Opal.

Trimurti XXXVIa. The  triad of the three gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.
Creation Sustenance Destruction. All are represented in this one card.
It is a microcosm of existence. Birth life and death on every level.
Meditation and mindfulness required.Pearl. Neptune. Leo.

Picadura XXXVIIa. Bite or sting. A sudden change is represented
a total change of circumstances either by choice or by surprise.
Nourishment is also synbolised. A card of action, decisive action
and instinctive choices. Libra. Ruby. The Sun.

Yeux XXXVIIIa. Eyes. Blindness. Avoidance. Lady Justice suckles
her ego. Proceed without prejudice. Do not avoid the situation.
An open mind is represented and a warning not to judge in haste.
Justice is predominant. Mars. Emerald. Aries.

Chao XXXIXa. Chaos. The attributes of chaos may not always be 
negative infact it can be a blessing. Disorder likewis can bring 
a sense of freedom and rebellion. From chaos we can look for
order or we can enjoy the mess. Venus. Pluto. Leo.

Treleoni XXXXa. Three Lions. Power and Might. Extreme force
and dynamic leadership. This card represents taking control with
confidence and vigour. Becoming a leader one needs to assume
great responsibilty. A time of growth, promotion, success. Leo.

Follia XXXXIa. Madness. Either Madness within or Madness without.
A time to quieten the mind from worry and stress. Distraction is called
for. The image is a crowded mind that needs de-cluttering. But before 
de-cluttering listen to the subconcious it is trying to tell you something
important. Capricorn. Ceres.Opal.

Hades XXXXIIa.Hell. The worst possible outcome is represented.
But by being revealed it can easily be avoided. Guilt and regret 
are prominant. The lessons of bad karmah can help us to avoid
unwelcome outcomes. Saturn. Taurus. Saphire.

Solunas XXXXIIIa. Day gives birth to night and night gives birth
to day.This card represents the passage of time and calls the
subject to detach from judging the now. Do not compare it to 
other nows. Be in the moment. Earth.Virgo.Pearl.

Stulti Auro XXXXIVa. Fool's Gold. A call to reject materialism.
The fool focuses on the bowl but the wise man focuses on 
the empty space within it, where all possibilities can manifest.
The card calls us to gratitude and to appreciate what we already
have. Neptune. Cancer.Tiger's Eye.

Mortrom XXXXVa. The death of the Ego.Determination is the 
key word here. Stamina and belief in one's ability.The direction
is correct but is the attitude? examine your weaknesses and press
forward. Uranus. Gemini. Agate.

Oppositorum Unione XXXXVIa. Opposites Unite. Oil and water
can never mix but this card turns that on it's head and joins
in marriage two things that should not normally be together.
Auspicious card for marriage and business. Mars. Aquarius.

Flosvitae XXXXVIIa. Flower of Life. The perfect form, proportion
and harmony. Everything is in its proper place, all is in order.
A significant card which represents perfection and balance.
Control. It is the season of plans and projects. Charon. Aries.

Gurges XXXXVIIIa. Whirlpool. Yin and Yang are spinning
in the vortex. They remain balanced when all around is
chaotic. Birth and death are brothers who rely on each other.
Change and new beginnings. Makemake. Libra. Rock crystal.

Pescestella XXXXIXa. Starfish. The card represents your intuition 
and your instincts. Gut reaction can often be the perfect way.
Divine love and a call to spiritual ritual is recommended here.
The ocean is featured. Moon. Pisces.

Exoculo La. Blind. The second time blindness occurs in the deck
but an outside force is creating this inability to see a way forward.
Choosing to ignore a situation, or being deceived. To suddenly
see something obvious that had not been noticed. Haumea. Leo.

Sapodios LIa. A refusal to learn and thus repeating mistakes.
Resentment against wisdom or good advice. Education and
learning are strong influences. The ability to remain teachable
and open to new ways of thinking.Hydra. Scorpio. Quartz.

La Bete LIIa. The mouth. Nourishment, diet, feasts and famines.
Automation. Conversation and words. Communication. Never
underestimate the power of words. Negotiations. In the beginning
was the word, symbolising the vibration that is in all things.Very much 
a time of planning before speaking, and speaking before action.
Eris. Virgo. Lapis Lazuli.

Numen LIIIa.Goddess. The female aspect. Motherhood and nurturing.
Mother earth and all things natural. Vegetarianism. Love and relationships.
This card represents a sheath for the sword of masculinity. Like water
which is soft and gentle but can also erode rocks and wash away 
mountains. Venus. Virgo. Diamond.

The so called Soul card. No number and no actual name. Like the Tao
it is the source of all things the most powerful force in the universe
which is also you. The way. Most auspicious card in the Secret tarot.
Good omens wealth prosperity. The light. The answer is YES

The Lord of the Flies card. The Dark side of all things. Night.
Change. Death. The answer is NO.

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